Pallacanestro ReggianaSerie A1 Italian championship 2013-2014 / 2014-2015 / 2015-2016

After having sponsored Pallacanestro Reggiana for two years, Crovi Consulting is proud to be in the Basket Pool for the season 2015/2016.

It is important for us to support this team because we believe that championship and European sport results as well as the strong relationship with Reggio Emilia and the growing importance of this sport on our territory are outstanding outcomes of team hard work.
Crovi Consulting supports Pallacanestro Reggiana!

A.C. Reggiana 1919Italian championship Male Lega Pro, season 2015-2016

Crovi Consulting always supports local sport and starting from the season 2015-2016 we renew our commitment by becoming the official sponsor of A.C. Reggiana 1919.

Supporters and the new club continue to support this historical and beloved local team with enthusiasm.

prova prova

VBC Casalmaggiore – Serie A1 Female Italian championship, season 2015-2016
For the first time, Crovi Consulting is the sponsor of the female volley team Pomì Casalmaggiore for the season 2015/2016.

We are proud to support the reigning Italian champion team that recently has also win the Italian Supercoppa. We strongly believe in this team and we share with them values and principles.

Modena Volley – Seria A1 Male Italian championship, season 2014-2015

EsserEmiliano becomes sponsor and partner of Modena Volley, the most qualified team in the world.

Thanks to the partnership, Modena Volley is now a member of EsserEmiliano, a project of Crovi Consulting that has the purpose to promote the excellence of our territory before, after and during Expo 2015.

Polisportiva Galileo Giovolleypartnership and sponsorship, season 2014-2015

For 50 years Giovolley has been an important promoter for young sport activities by opening new centers and providing training in different sport categories and teams, both in regional and national championships. EsserEmiliano is sponsor as well as partner of this club, that boasts the honor to discover and train local talents as Francesca Ferretti.

Volley Tricolore Reggio Emilia Serie A2 Male Italian Championship, season 2012-2013 and Serie B1 Male Italian Championship, season 2013-2014

During the season 2012-2013, Crovi Consulting was partner of Volley Tricolore and had curated both its image and communication, making the club one of the most beloved on the territory. Crovi Consulting had a strong relationship both with Volley Tricolore and the people involved in this society, with who we shared ideas and projects.